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Toddlers develop fine motor skills by using their hands, thumbs and fingers in everyday activities such as feeding himself with a spoon or trying to button her jacket. They need to be able use their small muscles to grasp, pinch, twist, turn, push and pull small items. It is quite complex. Practicing these skills through…Shape sorters are one of the best toys for one year olds and toddlers for practicing fine motor skills. High quality shape sorter toys have pieces that are the right size for little hands and are designed so that they are easily grasped. The child must turn and twist the piece
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s to make them smoothly fit through the hole. It’s important that there are not too many shapes for the beginner or it may just be frustrating. For more information click here. construction toys for 3 year olds & construction toys for toddlers.
Another one of the best toys for one year old and up are pegs and pegboard sets that are designed for toddlers. The large sized pegs often come in multiple colors so not only is this toy good for fine motor skills for toddlers, but is also great for color recognition. These sets are a standard in preschools and learning environments because they can be used for early math skills such as sorting, matching and sequencing, as the child develops.